[PRE-ORDER] 4-piece set of 100% Tritan airtight container Gottman Limited, safe from environmental hormones (partial prepayment, order deadline May 7)


There are many people who know the Gottman side dish container, right?

There are many different types of containers these days.

There is nothing like it.

Glass is heavy and stainless is invisible

Because plastic is an environmental hormone

you must have been anxious

100% Tritan from Gottman

(excluding silicone packing)

Safe from environmental hormones

- There is no deformation even with hot food

Disinfection in hot water up to 110 degrees safe!

- Practical because it does not break even in the freezer at minus 40 degrees Celsius!

- Transparent like glass, but not heavy

Effective for management!

- Microwave available!

-By the special patented method of the lid wing

Economical because it does not break!

- Sealing power that does not leak even when shaken with high-intensity locking!

- Keep it clean without smells or stains!

Gottman, a collection of only the special features of the side dish box

tritan set

Meet at a cheaper price than Korea!

Gottman Tritan material airtight container limited to 4 types

Jessica Market Group Purchase Price $79

(Korea online sales price 73,000 won $ 82)


1) Deposit $30

2) $49 difference after arrival

Order deadline May 7th

Expected arrival mid-June