[NEW] Recommended for children's snacks or lunch menu! Pork Cutlet 500g


Introducing the first!

Cute and delicious that kids love

Little Donkatsu!

Children's snack or lunch menu

How about the perfect little pork cutlet?

There are many chicken nuggets on the market.

There was no mini pork cutlet.

In Korea, it feels like Yonggary's nuggets.

There are many quality products

You can pick and choose this and that.

So prepared little mini cutlet!

Pork 78%

It is not a product with a flap

oil and turn

I like to bake

Mini mini cute size that is easy to eat in one bite

Little Donkatsu!

among mothers in the Australian community

which was already a hot topic

That product is right!



Oil spray to turn it into f

Please sprinkle enough.

Put on plenty of oil

Brown and crispy over medium heat

You can bake it

Please enter a photo description.

Tonkatsu with Cabbage Salad

Isn't that the national rule?

In an instant, like hiding crab eyes!

The lunch menu is highly recommended!!