[Hit] Jeju Mugwort Injeolmi 1kg


This is Jeju Mugwort Injeolmi grown in the Jeju sea breeze.

Do you remember when Jessica Market’s Mugwort Injeolmi first came to Australia?

Probably, at that time, there were few places to import rice cakes from Korea, and mugwort injeolmi

As a start, we started importing frozen rice cakes in earnest, and now

I came to eat rice cake, which is popular at the same time as Korea.

Mugwort Injeolmi in the sea breeze of Jeju, which became the founder of the history of imported rice cakes,

The content of mugwort is clearly different from that of general market products.

Not only the fragrance, but also the mugwort content is so high that the stem is pulled out.

In addition, Jeju mugwort injeolmi, a reliable nutritious snack using domestically produced glutinous rice!

Baekinjeolmi, which is eaten with plenty of bean powder, is also worn, so please enjoy it together.

Believe and drink it. It is a healthy snack

Baek Injeolmi