[Popular explosion] Clear difference between abalone porridge!! The end of millet full of nutrients only!! Abalone porridge 2 packs 1 set


This product is not a finished porridge product, but a product that needs to be cooked directly.

Although it looks small as a 195g package, it is enough for two people to eat by pouring 700ml of water and boiling it.

Easily enjoy the taste of premium products that are on a different level from regular ready-made porridge.

Electric pressure cooker is easy to cook, gas pressure cooker is
If the weight is shaken, it will taste delicious after about 10 minutes.
The abalone porridge is complete.

A regular pot is sufficient for more than 40 minutes under medium heat.
Bring to a boil while stirring.
Unlike making it at home, the porridge has a deep,
It has a savory taste.